Friday 21 March 2014

Monaco confirm May trip to Rome for Vatican friendly

Monaco will travel to Rome on May 10th to face the Vatican City as the two microstates meet for the fourth time.

Both teams after the game last summer
The game will take place at 20:00 at the Stadio Petriano in Pontificio Oratorio San Pietro, the Vatican's sport complex, which plays host to Vatican domestic matches.

With no pitch within the Holy See the smallest nation in the world play ‘home’ games in Rome with both a 2-1 defeat to Monaco in 2011 and 0-0 draw 9 years previous coming at the Stadio Pio XII.

The Vatican travelled to the French Riviera for a first away game last June as they went down 2-0 after first-half goals from Morgan Escarras and Eric Fissore.  

Monaco have stepped up their non-FIFA activity over the last 18 months playing games, both of which ended in defeat, against Raetia and Provence.

The win over the Vatican was their last outing and they will travel to the Isle of Man in April as the opposition for the newly formed Manx Ellan Vannin team.

The Monegasque also have plans for an August game with Sealand and potentially Seborga after the Italian micronation recently founded a new football organisation. 


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