Wednesday 19 March 2014

ConIFA World Football Cup draw set for Monday

The draw for the maiden ConIFA World Football Cup takes place on Monday in Sweden with the new non-FIFA governing body set to reveal the groups for the 12 competing teams.

The projected seeding for the draw
ConIFA World President Per-Anders Blind will conduct the draw in the southern Sami city of Östersund, which will stage the finals, alongside organisation CEO Johan Bexelius.

Of the 12 participants 8 have played at a VIVA World Cup before with Quebec, Ellan Vannin, Abkhazia and Nagorno-Karabakh the exceptions.

Hosts Sapmi, winners of the first VIVA World Cup in 2006, will be in pot one after each competing association agreed on a seeding system which will see 3 groups of 4 play out before quarter-finals, semi’s and placement games.

2012 VIVA World Cup winners Kurdistan are expected to join them in the first pot alongside 3-time VIVA champions Padania and CAF members Zanzibar.

Pot two is expected to contain the Quebecois, 2013 Tynwald Hill Tournament winners Occitania and 2008 VIVA World Cup runners up Aramean Suryoye.

Nagorno-Karabakh will make up the second seeds despite the Azerbaijan FA complaining to FIFA about their participation.

The final pot is set to include Abkhazia, Darfur, Tamil Eelam and Ellan Vannin. The latter host Monaco in their first international in April and members of the Manx Independent Football Association will travel to Sweden for the draw.

Kurdistan, Aramean Suryoye and the hosts will also send delegations to the draw which is set to be conducted in the Jämtkraft Arena, home of Swedish second-tier side Östersunds FK, at 14:00 local time.

The tournament, which has in effect replaced the N.F.-Board’s VIVA World Cup, is set to be the largest non-FIFA event in history. It begins on June 1st and concludes on the 8th. We will be covering Monday’s draw via our Twitter service.


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  2. Ironically, Östersund is the capital of the Republic of Jamtland ( ), a non-official nation - like Sápmi with some overlapping geography - but which is not participating in the Conifa WC. Haven't been able to figure out why our republic has been denied (?) participating, though.

  3. Same anonymous person as a couple of minutes ago. Should mention that the Sami population of the Republic of Jamtland is at most few percent (actual Sami speaking people amount to one percent at best). Thus, if associating a non-official nation to Östersund most people would say the Republic of Jamtland rather than Sápmi.

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