This page is dedicated to articles (in English) taken from different websites on various non-FIFA topics. 

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List of articles by author -

Damiano Benzoni:

Kosovo, sovereignty and football

Stepanakert is well worth a match

David Harrison:

Football's isolation in the TRNC

Ryan Hubbard:

Luton Town and the VIVA World Cup

Pat McGuinness:

Football in the twilight zone: Tokelau

Sark - the 2003 Island Games and all that

Steve Menary:

Abkhazia, South Ossetia and football identity

Greenland on tour

In limbo: Kosovo and football

Kiribati hope for FIFA membership

On the margins: the Falklands and football

Steve's Outcasts! blog

Zanzibar - swimming against the tide

Nick Robbins:

Holy smoke, it's the Vatican!

Ed Stubbs:

3 is the magic number for Kurdistan

2012 VIVA World Cup preview

A happy overseas Réunion for Club R

Fantasy football micronation style

Gibraltar may rock the boat

The Chagossian dream

The Dromedaries

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