The official non-FIFA rankings are provided by the Roon Ba international team sports website. They are currently undergoing modifications but will be available soon. 

Rankings as of October 7th 2012 -

  1. Padania (N.F.-Board)
  2. Kosovo
  3. Guadeloupe (CONCACAF)
  4. Arameans Suryoye (N.F.-Board)
  5. Kurdistan (N.F.-Board)
  6. Réunion (CAF)
  7. Martinique (CONCACAF)
  8. Zanzibar (CAF & N.F.-Board)
  9. Northern Cyprus (N.F.-Board)
  10. Jersey (IGA)
  11. Sápmi (N.F.-Board)
  12. Guernsey (IGA)
  13. Mayotte
  14. Gibraltar (UEFA & IGA)
  15. French Guiana (CONCACAF)
  16. Minorca (IGA)
  17. Occitania (N.F.-Board)
  18. Isle of Wight (IGA)
  19. Two Sicilies (N.F.-Board)
  20. Rhodes (IGA)
  21. Provence (N.F.-Board)
  22. Isle of Man (IGA)
  23. Åland (IGA)
  24. Bonaire 
  25. Sint Maarten (CONCACAF)
  26. Anglesey (IGA)
  27. Cilento (N.F.-Board)
  28. Gotland (IGA)
  29. Greenland (N.F.-Board)
  30. Shetland (IGA)
  31. Western Isles (IGA)
  32. Crimean Tatars
  33. Gozo (N.F.-Board)
  34. Öland
  35. Sardinia (N.F.-Board)
  36. Monaco (N.F.-Board)
  37. Saint-Martin (CONCACAF)
  38. Saaremaa (IGA)
  39. Frøya (IGA)
  40. Orkney (IGA)
  41. Vatican
  42. Chagos Islands (N.F.-Board)
  43. Hiiumaa
  44. Gagauzia
  45. Western Sahara (N.F.-Board)
  46. Saint Barthélemy
  47. Falkland Islands (IGA)
  48. Tuvalu (OFC)
  49. Bornholm
  50. Alderney (IGA)
  51. Tibet (N.F.-Board)
  52. Wallis & Futuna
  53. Hitra (IGA)
  54. Tamil Eelam (N.F.-Board)
  55. Sealand (N.F.-Board)
  56. Saint Pierre & Miquelon
  57. Raetia (N.F.-Board)
  58. Roma People (N.F.-Board)
  59. Northern Mariana Islands (AFC)
  60. Micronesia
  61. Kiribati (OFC & N.F.-Board)
  62. Darfur (N.F.-Board)
  63. South Moluccas (N.F.-Board)
  64. Southern Cameroons (N.F.-Board)
  65. Chechnya (N.F.-Board)
  66. Niue (OFC)
  67. Sark (IGA)
  68. Palau


  1. why in this list there'r't reported the spanish automous selections like Catalunya, Euskadi, or Galicia?
    I waiting for a quickly nice reponse.

    Best regards

    Alessio (Alex) from Italy.

  2. Is it because Catalonia, the Basque Country, Galicia, Brittany, etc. don't play on a regular basis?

    1. Cataluña, Euskadi y Galicia no quieren formar parte de la NF, sus partidos amistosos son para reivindicar la independencia de sus regiones, consideran la NF poco seria.
      Catalonia, the Basque Country and Galicia do not want to be part of the NF, their friendly matches are to assert the independence of their regions, consider NF unserious.

  3. can list some team in malaysia???SUKMA(malaysia games) feature state of malaysia expect brunei for unknown reason...and sultan selangor cup feature selangor and singapore,there were also borneo games feature 4 kalimantan region,brunei and sarawak sabah labuan,i think those state have been forgetten

  4. WHY HAVE NOT A NF-CHAMPIONS LEAGUE ? Please Create the NF - Champions League

  5. Malaysian states and Indian states have players from clubs in that state. The players don't have to be a native of that state, so it's not really a representative team.

    Catalonia, Basque Country, etc. are not on the list, because most of the teams they play are 'B' teams and they only play once per year. At the time of year they play (December), most top players are not available for the teams they are playing against.

  6. page should have a change. I think it should restructure the entire page. adding a section of videos, a photo section, and a section for news. something important and have left outdated is the ranking, the last update was on October 7, 2012, I think I should upgrade that too. greetings from Argentina.

  7. I agree with Cristian .. Page need some changes and you should do some Fifa World Cup 18 Updates work.

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