Wednesday 26 June 2013

Saugeais make non-FIFA debut as Raetia prepare for Tywnald Hill Tournament

A self-declared micronation based in eastern France Saugeais will play a non-FIFA game for the first time when they host Raetia on Saturday.  Based in the department of Doubs in Franche-Comté, near the Swiss border, the commune has a population of less than 4,500 and is the second micronational member of the N.F.-Board along with Sealand.

Debut...the first FSF game.
Despite joining the organisation in 2005 the self-claiming republic has never before played any other members. They took on a Franche-Comté representative team in the proclaimed capital Gilley in 2009 and lost 3-1 in front of an impressive 600 fans. Midfielder Arnaud Faivre-Pierret scored the goal that day and is expected to be involved against Raetia.

The majority of the squad play in the regional 12th-tier of French football with many drawn from the 2 clubs based in Saugeais, FC Gilley and La Saugette Sports. Maxime Guigon plays for the latter and will be the host’s main attacking hope. Both clubs have a pitch each in the north of Gilley which will be the venue for Saturday’s game.

Venue...the idyllic Stade du Gilley.
The visitors will be strong favourites as they look to build on their win in Monaco in October. The Raetians are using the game as preparation for the Tynwald Hill Tournament in July and many of that squad will feature on Saturday. Fabio Martins continues to be the key man for the Swiss side and, along with Fabrizio Daniele, Mirko Oswald and Silvan Tomaschett, is 1 goal from becoming the Raetia top-scorer.

Tomaschett scored on his debut against Monaco and the Raetian forwards should have too much for the hosts. Serkan Karamese, recently promoted to the Swiss 4th-tier with FC Chur 97, is likely to captain the side. The match kicks-off at 14:00 and we hope to provide a full report and exclusive photos.

NFFU predicts: Saugeais 0-3 Raetia

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